The team


Founding partner

Nicole M. POIRIER, founding partner

Nicole M. POIRIER graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (IEP – Public Service) and holds a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in Business Law with a major in commercial lease and a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in employment law from the Paris II Panthéon Assas University.

She developed a specific and well-known commercial lease expertise in both negotiation and litigation.

She provides legal advice and litigation support in all aspects of real estate law (multiple owner buildings, residential leases, construction).

Language: English

Founding partner

Bruno SCHRIMPF, founding partner

Bruno SCHRIMPF graduated with a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in private law from the Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University.

He operates as a legal advisor and litigation lawyer, developing economic law strategies and solutions (distribution law, commercial litigation) for demanding French and international clients.

He has been involved in the creation, implementation and management of a number of French distribution networks and handles the related litigation.

He also supports and advises his clients in real estate law, in particular in construction matters (contracts and management of complex litigation).

Language: English

Partner since 2006

Isabelle LAGRANGE, partner since 2006

Isabelle LAGRANCE graduated with a LLM in comparative law from the Florence University Institute and a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in business and economic law from the Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne University.

She is an expert in commercial litigation.

She defends the interests of her clients in litigations related to the termination of contractual relations, in particular for distribution networks, contractual liability, product liability. She also assists them in matters related to insolvency proceedings.

She also deals with commercial leasing matters (negotiation and litigation) and advises her clients on environmental issues as well as corporate sale or restructuring operations.

Languages: English and Italian


Cécile-Marie TIXERON

Cécile-Marie TIXERON, associate

Cecile-Marie TIXERON graduated with a postgraduate diploma in Business Law (DJCE) from the Montpellier University and was admitted to the Paris Bar in 2008.

She has been an associate with a renowned law firm and a in-house lawyer within an international group operating in the consumer goods sector. She provides advice and defends clients in economic law matters.

Language: English

Sarah CREN

Sarah CREN, associate

Sarah CREN graduated with an LLM from King’s College London and a postgraduate diploma (Master 2) in European Business Law from the Paris II Panthéon-Assas University. She was admitted to the Paris Bar in 2012.

She joined Cabinet POIRIER SCHRIMPF & ASSOCIES after starting her career as an associate with a business law firm.

She handles commercial litigation cases.

Language: English